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I’m Avijit Thawani, a PhD student in Los Angeles. I work on Tokenization within Natural Language Processing.

Friends (as if I have any) call me Avi. I enjoy side-projects, writing, reading, and travel.

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I’ve been fortunate to also be able to do research with a number of amazing mentors:

USC My thesis committee: Jay Pujara, Swabha Swayamdipta, Dani Yogatama.
MSR Microsoft Research Health Futures, Cambridge UK. Mentors: Stephanie Hyland, Flora Liu, Shruthi Bannur. Summer 2023.
Alexa Amazon Alexa Conversations Lab126 Sunnyvale. Mentors: Rohan Mukherjee, Hann Wang, Arijit Biswas. Summer 2022.
AI2 Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence (Aristo). Mentors: Ashwin Kalyan, Peter Clark. Summer 2021.
NEU Northeastern University, Boston. Mentor: Byron Wallace. Summer 2018.
SUTD Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore. Mentor: Yuen Chau. Summer 2016.
MSR I did my undergrad and masters in Computer Science at the Indian Institute of Technology IIT BHU Varanasi.