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(Submitted) Thawani Avijit, et al. Tokenization in Number Space.
Anthology Slides Reviews Code Kumar D*, Thawani A*. BPE with N-Grams and Skip-Grams. Negative Insights workshop at ACL 2022. (*equal contribution)
Anthology Slides Video Poster Thread Code ACL21 Reviews Thawani Avijit, et al. Numeracy enhances Literacy in Language Models. EMNLP (2021).
Anthology Arxiv Slides Video Thread Thawani, Avijit et al. Representing Numbers in NLP: a Survey and a Vision. NAACL (2021).
PDF Slides Thawani, Avijit et al. Entity Linking to Knowledge Graphs to Infer Column Types and Properties. SemTab @ ISWC (2019).
PDF Code Thawani, Avijit et al. Are Online Reviews of Physicians Biased Against Female Providers? MLHC (2019).
Anthology Poster Code Thawani, Avijit et al. SWOW-8500: Word Association task for Intrinsic Evaluation of Word Embeddings. RepEval @ NAACL (2019).
Anthology Singh, A.K., Thawani, A., Panchal, M., Gupta, A., & McAuley, J. IJCNLP-2017 Task 3: Review Opinion Diversification (RevOpiD-2017). IJCNLP (2017).
PDF Singh, A.K., Thawani, A., Gupta, A., & Mundotiya, R.K. Evaluating Opinion Summarization in Ranking. AIRS (2017).
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